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Plaster Bricks 

Our plaster bricks or clay stocks as we call them is a NFP (Non Face Plaster) which is burnt in a kiln and has phenomenal comprehensive strength and durability which can be used for general building purposes.

Standard size of bricks: 220mm (Length) , 105mm (Width), 70-75mm (Height)

How many bricks in a square meter?

Single wall approximately 55 bricks

Double wall approximately 110 bricks

Weights and Transport loads:

One clay stock weighs approximately 3kg - 3.2kg

Transport loads range from 500 to 5000 stocks.


Sand Products


Red Building sand

Yellow Building sand

Plaster sand

River sand

Norite G7


13mm Stone

19mm Stone

Concrete mix

Dump Rock 20-70mm




Company Profile.


Like our name suggests, we are situated at the foot of the Magaliesburg mountains in Hartbeespoort.  We find ourselves next to the Aquarium and French Toast  on the R511 road.

The company was founded in 1998 by the owner Dewet Kruger.  Since then we have grown into one of the many successfull businesses around the Hartbeespoortdam.  We supply products and services to most of the building contractors,  Developers and businesses in the area.

We strive to give the best and fastest service at a competitive price.

All products can be collected on site.


Our delivery trucks range from 3m to 5m and 10m in size,  making us flexible for deliveries ranging from 1cube to 10cube loads.  We have only the best drivers fully lisenced with PDP's who know the surrounding area well.


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